In My Beer Glass At Restaurant

It happened when I was on vacation. I found some new friend in this vacation. We were sitting in booth at restaurant. After drinking couple glass of beer, we started talking about the only disadvantage of drinking beer, that we need to pee but I don’t want to leave my place. One of my friends dared me to pee while I was sitting at the restaurant, I said I would peee in my beer glass only if she drink it after I fulfill the glass, I said we need to change our place in booth so I wouldn’t get caught peeeing. After that I pulled down my pants and underwear but not very much and started pisssing in the glass, wow I full one large beer glass, and gave it to her, she laughed but refused to drink it. We ate our pizza and some more beer, but before leaving the restaurant I purposely poured the golden glass on her. Ooops now she was drenched. I said when you accepted the bet you should do your task. I gave a good tip to waitress and we leaved the restaurant.
She took her revenge but that is another story.
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