Feed Me At Both Ends Until I Squeal !!

Sometimes my tummy gets so full and pooches like I'm pregnant. With each sexy bite my mouth gets wetter and greedier for more.

My mouth is not the only thing that's wet because I like to ***** naked when I eat and see myself there in the mirror with my rolls of fat all bald and shiny like a butterball turkey. I cram the food in my face because I love the way it feel as it fills my mouth and slithers down my throat to swell my belly bigger. As I spread my legs the sheer weight of it weighs down on my drooling sex and I wish that there were some one there to fill that too. It's hard now I'm so big but my fingers find the spot somehow and slide a juicy latex vibe inside to stretch it wide and turn it way up high because the hotter I get the more I need to feed.

My face, my mouth is full but still wants more and my thoughts are lost in pleasure and in sex. My nipples hard like bullets needing tongue and lips to suck them as the piggy does what she does best and crams her mouth to bursting point again.

I feel the pressure build between my legs in pulsing waves and know the time is close and when the climax comes I almost scream from the sheer intensity but my mouth is full and the only sounds are the slurping chewing noises til I swallow and get ready for another bite.

foxyamelia foxyamelia
15 Responses Dec 8, 2012

omg....I so need to try this! It'll definitely make me huge! :)

I bet you're absolutely enormous and smoking hot by now?


I would love to alternate between ******* you doggy style, eating your ***** and suckling on your nipples while you engorge yourself! *evil grin*

BTW, have you ever considered inducing lactation? ;-)

Come back!

OMG...this is so ******* hot! Makes me hungry! :)

Amelia , you have a sexy belly

Mmmm....I would love to watch you and then to taste your delicious ***** after you *** all over that vibrator!!

Amelia , you sound beautiful. Enjoy yourself

Nice story! :)

Happy New Year and thank you for your lovely comments. The holiday season has just been one big feast for me. Food and sex..... my two true addictions !!

You're very welcome. They are the best addictions, and in that order too! Gotta have the strength ya know. ;-)

I agree! Indeed she does!

I know what you mean!

May this New Year leave you engorged on food and sex!

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You're such a turn on. I would give anything for, and to you. What a sexy woman.

omg....I love this story! I know how this feels! It's amazing!

Wow! --HXTP

Damn your story is so very sexy.It sounds like you are having the time of your life. Stuffing your self while you ********** is beyoned sexy.