I get uptight when I go to the mall because I have an anxiety about large crowds and enclosed spaces.  I sort of breathe fast and sweat and try to hurry up and get what I'm there for and leave.  I have to take breaks and go outside from time to time because I can't handle everyone looking at me or judging me or wanting something from me.

I hate malls.
SteenaBeana SteenaBeana
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I feel uptight when I go to Cross Creek Mall because the place is overrun with Gangstas. The place has really gone to seed over the past ten years. I took my two little daughters there last Christmas and I swore I'd never set foot in the place unarmed. Now whenever I go I've got my trusty .45 tucked in the back of my trousers. Another good reason I don't live in Fayetteville . . .

That level of anxiety may be a chemical issue. You may want to talk to someone who could give you tips on how to keep it under control. Someone from one of the anxiety groups on here may be able to give you some tips :-)

i have a serious arrogant streak in me. Turn the anxiety to your advantage, be confident and say to yourself..."all these people that are looking at me (even though they might not be) want to be me and wish they could be the person i am." Act like the superstar you are because in all fact...noone can be you.