Maybe I Just Hate Being Surrounded By Buttholes.

I love the mall,I love to spend money there,but I absolutely hate going there.I always get pushed out of the way at the sale rack by some scary fat old lady,almost all of the little mexican kids are running around not watching where they are going and tripping you and then the over protective but neglectful mother glares at me and calls me the puta.Watch your kids lady and I would not have fallen into the display!The teen boys who form a straight line while walking and dont move when they approach you,so they end up knocking you over.The teen girls who are dressed a little too street like and walk slower than a snail,talking mess about everyone who is not them.The screaming baby,the wierd guy staring at you,the prissy middleaged ladies who run into thier friends and stop in their tracks and block the way completely.The aroma of abercrombie and fitch making you gag as soon as you enter.Bad customer service,snobby salespeople who forgot that their job is to meet your needs not theirs.I cant stand it and prefer to not go.Until there is a sale at Macys....
blackcat blackcat
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 4, 2007

"...Overprotective but neglectful..." How very true.