I Feel Guilty - I Am Very Needy Now

Hello any fellow bpd who reads this post.

I have spent some time reading other posts and can relate to almost all of them.

The pain I hear is so bad that I want to help but I am incapable. I don't have the emotional energy to get engaged.

Somehow, whenever someone hurts emotionally it seems I need to feel it to. Stupid!

The problem is that I want to offer help to those in this forum but I am so needy right now
its hard to help. I want everyone to make me feel better. It makes me feel so guilty.

I have sent a few hang in there messages but that seems wimpy to me. I am not doing well myself (actually I am a mess) but I feel very strongly for others.

I hope as I go I can help others as I feel a bit better myself.

Now I think I will climb into bed and cry. Sorry to disappoint

Please don't do anything stupid. Hang on.
rsc4home rsc4home
Nov 27, 2012