My Super Stressful Night

I had a play rehearsal today and it went till 5, but I could have sworn that it only went until 4:30, so I told my dad to pick me up at 4:40. And so then he got pissed off that he had to wait around with both babies for twenty minutes. Anyway, so then I get home, immediately have to do the dishes before my step-mom got home so I got that done literally right before she got in the door. Then I read the Black Cat by Poe which was insanely disturbing and horrific and so then I go downstairs to tell my step-mom how disturbing it was and my brother's like "oh we already talked about that and I brought up points my teacher hadn't thought about etc" and I'm like "just shut up. I wanna tell her how disturbing it was. So then I sit down to tell my step-mom how disturbing it was and then Dad comes out with my baby sister and he put her on my lap for a wet hug because she had just come out of the bathtub. That of course soaks my homework which is in my hand and so now I can't write on it and finish the definition part of it. And on top of that, my boyfriend referenced his ex-girlfriend again. I was going through the sophomore hallway and these sophomores were being crazy and blocking our way and stuff and I"m like "sophomores are crazy" and he's like "sophomores are also evil' which I assumed referenced his ex- girlfriend because he had an awful breakup with her last year and that got him all depressed for like 4 months and then I came into the picture....Anyway, so he says he wasn't referencing her but I still feel like he was and it hurts because it's like, I know she was a big part of his life for like a year and a half, but I mean, the past is the past. and that's that. It's over. And it ****** me off when he brings her up.
MusicNinja2 MusicNinja2
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012