VERY Irritable

I am generally a very cool, calm, laid back, peaceful person.  I don't get angry that often.  But when I'm really stressed...especially if I'm in a hurry...I practically become the Hulk.  Today would be an example.  I had so much to do today.  I missed an exam because I accidentally slept in, I have another exam tomorrow, but now TWO because I have to make up the one I missed today (so ten points are being deducted), I had Singarama practice which conflicted with a fraternity meeting, so I had to get out early for the meeting, and then I went back to audition for a solo, but they weren't having auditions...not to mention that ALL my friends were trying to contact me while I was busy.  I haven't had any time to study for my exams tomorrow yet.  So as you can imagine, I've been VERY stressed today.

And boy, have I been irritable!  I snapped at quite a few of my friends.  I got road rage.  I yelled at the car outside whose burglar alarm kept going off for no particular reason.  I almost cussed out the guys out in the hall who think it's funny to run around through the dorm like a bunch of second graders and scream.  When I'm stressed, my blood boils at the silliest little things.  So don't mess with me when I'm stressed out unless you want to unleash the monster in me!

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

But I don't have time to take a shower...that's the thing!<br />
<br />
By the way, are you suggesting that I become NORMAL?

Next time it happens and your at home, do what normal people do. Take a hot shower and retake life. It will make you feel good and so refresh.