Sleeping On The Couch

I can remember being asleep in my cheer shorts and tank top on the couch. I was about 15 or so. In and out of sleep. I heard my little brother come in the living room. I just kept my eyes closed so he would not bother me. My little brother Tim sat down on the couch by my feet and started changing the channels. All of the sudden I feel is hand on my ankle under my blanket. I have very ticklish feet so I was getting ready to kick him when he tickled me. Then I feel his other hand on my left knee. I am really not sure what he was planing at the time but I remember just trying to lay there to see what he was going to do. Tim then pushes my ankle down real slowly and carefully and at the same time he is lifting my knee up towards the ceiling. Then it hit me. Tim is trying to look at my vagina. I started to get really hot in the face and could feel my vagina responding to my dirty thought. Tim Begins to slid the blanket up above my knee so he can get a better view. I just lay there a still as I can knowing that in my tiny cheer shorts and my legs a an L position they are not covering anything. I feel a slight tug at my shorts when Tim pulled them to the side exposing my lady parts. I feel his finger touch my outer lip really softly pulling it open. I peek through my closed eyes and see Tim. He is completely stuck on my vagina. He cant take his eyes off of it.
I can feel my wetness dripping down my ***. I was really excited and horny. The next thing I felt was his finger at my entrance just slightly touching it. Then I feel him push a little more, but not trying to finger me just feel me out. I could not take it any more and moved my arm a little. I was amazed at Tim's stealthiness. He did not panic, he just slowly took his finger off of my vagina still holding my shorts to the side. He scooped his body away from mine just a little then gently let my shorts go. I was still peaking at him through my shut eyes and I seen his finger glistening with my juice. First he smelled it, then he lick it.
My legs were still in an L position when I felt the blanket move back up to my knee's again. I could not see Tim anymore but felt his tug at my shorts because this time he accidentally pinched my pubic hair with his fingers and when he moved my shorts I felt him pull on them. I could feel his breath on my thighs. I know its weird but I was praying he would lick my *****. Tim spread my vagina with both hands this time. I could feel his warm breath all of me. Tim sat up still holding my shorts to the side, and unzipped his pants. His eyes were locked on my lady parts again and in about two minutes he let my shorts go, got up and went to the bathroom. I sat up and notice some white goop on the couch where he was sitting. I touched it and it stuck to my fingers. I could not get it off. When Tim came back it the the room I was gone. I was in my bathroom with my favorite ribbed hair brush. We never talked about but I think it is pretty normal for siblings to experiment. Now looking back I am glad he did not try and go any further because I was way too horny to stop him.
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very intense very beautiful story

Very ******* hot.. I did something similar to my sister and I assumed she slept right through it.. maybe she didn't

Great story - your right i think all brothers and sister try there luck with each other at some point or another - lol - great to be young again

That is when you need a FWB (friend with benefits). If you had really wanted to mess with his head you could have started ************ in your 'sleep'. He would have blown the blanket off with his explosion.