I Get Very Wet


 I get very wet but not from pee. My vagina seems to make wet the moment I get slightly horny. I used to worry but I just carry spare panties now and sometimes use a  panty pad if I am very horny.

Do other girls think they wet too much?

I did have a guy get me to pee my panties while I stood over him once. He loved it.


wombatgirl wombatgirl 18-21, F 24 Responses Jan 18, 2010

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My wife would get soaking wet just watching a film starring an actor she fancied. Her knickers and clothes would become saturated. Sometimes I would reap the benefit or sometimes I wouldn't and she would pleasure herself

There is nothing hotter than a super wet *****. I've even had one girl squirt *** in my mouth when I was eating her out! The wetter the better :)

I love a soaking wet *****!!!!

Hey there, i have met a few lady's that get very wet during sex some actually squirt/gush.<br />
I have a lady friend that get's very wet from just thinking about sex and leaves her panties very wet <br />
and like you she has change, does this worry you ??? About your wettness

wet girls are yummy ,like they said the wetter the better ;)

I use to have an ex girlfriend that would sit on my lap during a makeout session and would completely soak my crotch. She usually was in a pair of panties and spandex and it would soak right through both and soak my jeans. That was a huge turn on but unfortunately I haven't found another girl that got this wet.

I love wet girls, both girl *** & pee

Few things are hotter for a guy to be touching you and slowly reaching down your belly or up your thigh and then get to your center and find it soaking wet. Especially if it has made your panties wet from the outside. I know most men love this. Very sexy.

I would just have my hand wonder around between your legs, whispering softly "do not tell"... and then reaching your dripping ***** to see how excited you were... kiss

i actually dnt carry extras wit me do i need 2

cant say I have ever needed much lube. It is fun to have sometimes though.

I am generally a jeans girl due to work mainly so I kind of have to wear panties.

Being practical minded, my first thought is how much you'd save because you wouldn't need to buy lube!

what could be better then a wet girl ;<br />
you could be happy - no problems

Thanks everyone.

I think it is really hot and arounsing when a girl is wet from arousal and from *******.

I love wet girls, would love to feel your wet panties

yes I wear jeans mainly so a pad is a must. not too much of an issue with a dress though

My goal is to make a lady squirt.....

do that for me anytime love it

nice to know you get wet alot..... i would like to make you really wet.....

You have one lucky man, he must love to sniff your panties.<br />
<br />
I know I would love to smell them.

I think I squirted a few times when I orgasmed. Pretty intense......and messy......he he

Wet is good. I even love when a woman squirts and this is just as good. Getting wet and squirting makes a guy feel like he is being successful at pleasing his partner, IMO