My First Wedgie (real!!)

ok do I know I did other my first wedgie story's but this ones real so here we go

One day a school my friend jama and I were going to school we were on our first day of 6th grade,so we were walkin and all the sudden my big sister appears and says I have a gift for you for your first day of 6th grade I say ok wat is it and she calls her friend and said hey wanna help me with givin kids some wedgies me and jama think ways a wedgie and her friend gets there and says ok ready I say ok she say both of u turn around so we did and I felt cold hands go to my undies my big sis pulled up my tyty whtys and I reached my neck and me and jama said it dosnt hurt they talked a bit about us and they turned back and said wanna learn more I said ok and after school I was talkin on the phone wit jama and she came up and put the phone in my undies and she gave me a wedgie and said this is a phone wedgie I said wow that's quite a surprise one and she said lets go to my room I said ok and my parents were out of town so her and her friend put a diaper and 20 pairs of her kiddie indie from 2 grade witch was already givin me a wedgie and she duck taped my mouth and said ready? I said yes by shakin my head up and down and her nd her strongest friend puled on the undies and the other two pulled the legs and....

If you want part 2 leave wedgie dare below and at the end say more please

Undies:panties,big boxer-briefs

Able to do:very hurtful,similar-public,hanging

I'll try:public (outside or somthin),messy

Cosmicwave5 Cosmicwave5
18-21, M
Sep 14, 2012