Wet Panties...........

A few nights ago as i was sitting on the couch,in my own little world reading stories on ep...my husband ask me to come see something..i roll my eyes and sigh because i was on a really intense story and it was really turning me on..but like the good wife i am i leave my phone and see what it is he needs........well it was only something on playstation he wanted me to see about how many kills he had on call of duty..so i tell him how good he is and in turn he reaches in my nightshirt (white mens button up dress shirt) and starts to rub my *****...he stops looks at me and asks.."well well well, what got  your ***** purring? Your panties are soaking wet.." so i just smiled shyly and said " just thinking of you sweety.."...and went back to the couch and played with the kitty !.
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Obviously, your husband has missed his "Call of Duty"...finding your wet panties would be enough to list my PS3 on craigslist!!!

Lol I dont see that happening with him!!

Very hot

Thank you!

so delicious - mmmmmm

Us men will believe anything that purports to suggest how sexy we are.

I'll.play with ur kitty

nothing like a nice wet *****..;) great story..

Does your hubby have any erectile problems? You in that condition and he goes back to his play station instead of yours?

this is really a true turn on story.......any woman will get wet with this kind of horny turn on......just keep posting these kind of sexy stories......:)

I enjoy your style...

thank you kindly!

They have been recently trying to add video game addiction on to the new version of DSM. His addiction to gaming is the reason i can think of why he wouldnt have taken care of that *****. Well of course there's that or he's cheating.... You should find a friend to take care of that nice wet *****. I'd most def be happy to take you off your husbands hands.

Aww. Thanks for that...yes he's addicted..and apparently I don't do it for him anymore

Forget the playstation!.....I would have taken care of your wet *****! :)

Thank you hunterguy I have a feeling you would!

Oh you know it baby :)


And he went back to what he was doing after finding you wet? yikes..thats an issue..

Yikes is right!! Putting it mildly..

I say whatever gets the motor running is great, but once the engine is on, dont waste it.

Like the analogy!!!

yeah i know for a fact that id of dropped that controller and played with that wet *****

:) smiling ear to ear!!

you'd be doing more than smiling babe. legs up in the air, toes curling and sheets being pulled as I explore that wetness with my tongue.

Oh my...toes are curling now just thinking about that...i have this habit of biting my lower lip...and im about to bite through it...

now that's sexy! but we don't want you to hurt your lip so instead why take my tongue in your mouth and taste yourself on me

Poo you've definitely got my attention now ...you're a bad bad boy!

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