My Wife Tells Me Every Time......

Everytime I ask her about her fantasies she tells me that I have made most if not all of her fantasies come true. She does tell me that she has a fantasy of her son and I to get along better. I ignore his demonic ways until he gets to hitting me with all of his might or destroying any of our physical items. I'm willing to bet that since he was sick today and spent the day with his granny he will be a demon this evening. I will

A. run from room to room to avoid him,

B.Go outside and sleep on the front deck or

C. Go outside and sleep with our dog Haven.

Snookybear Snookybear
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

m2bf; I want him to see a real doctor. We took him to our local doctor and the Dr. said he is just being a young boy. We know different. We just need time to do this it is annoying as hell with work and etc....

1. Take him to the doctor and get him the drugs that his "condition" requires. You are not doing him any favors by ignoring his unacceptable behavior.<br />
2. Read and follow the prescriptions in "Rules for Unruly Children: The Parent Discipline Bible" He may be your stepson - but <strong>you</strong> are the man in his life and <strong>you</strong> are responsible for his future.<br />
3. Your wife will be happy when you train the boy to be a human. I've read enough of your posts and have enough experience with children to tell you right here and now - your stepson is a monster and you must be a man and fix it.