OK listin ppl i was in special need English and math scents the 6Th grade if you cant read my stuff I'm sorry i have a large selfconfidents ishu and fee ll emotionally disturbed as well as i have ADHD and ADD and depression i quit taking med for all those when i hit 18 to help save my mom muny for grocery's

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@DamianTheMaster, you're absolutely right about the meds. I stopped taking mine about 3 years ago. I have noticed no chage in my attention span. <br />
<br />

yea i no right<br />
but atm i need a beter job so i kina hav no lif ether lol

As long as I can understand what you're saying, I won't comment on it. It's good that you at least spell phonetically :) Some people don't even do that much :(