Loosing My Teeth In My 30'S Im So Scared

I been putting it off for over a year. I have crowns which have fell out and admittedly so I have glued them yes with super glue back in. Due to medications my roots are fractured even though you can't tell to look for my smile is white I can feel them loosening day by day. My fear is over taking me. I am depressed, withdrawn. decided it was time to get on the horse and get a move on with my life in hope I would find a career after finishing school. Being a single mom, I didn't want to be on governmental assistance to raise the child I created. My son being special needs I have lost sight of myself. His operations and his care has let me neglect myself and now my child is at a point where he is succeeding and becoming a very well rounded young man I am proud to say. I don't have dental insurance and my credit score sucks, and not from lack of not paying bills because I pay them in full. But for lack of credit score being a 568 sad, I know. So I have no dental, need all my top teeth pulled and not being able to get employed with none, I am lost and afraid and don't know what to do. Worst part I need dentures. I have so many questions and I am petrified of the dentist I rather get a colonoscopy without being sedated then going to a dentist. It's so bad they have to give me adivan before I even sit in the chair. They can't treat me with a heart rate of 200 bpm. "Sighs" I am a certified mess and I just for once in my life want to be happy, I want a future and I have real goals to obtain but I am frozen in fear, have no dental insurance, limited income and is it wrong for me to get upset insurance companies will cover drug addicts to get recovered but not a person who has worked hard her whole life with no help from anyone to feel resentful. I didn't inflict this on myself but yet there is no help and no understanding. Is anyone going through this as well, I really am in need of positive reinforcement and some kind of support. No I don't want to see a therapist because I get better response for a wall ..I know that is not such a positive statement as such but I can't help it I can't be nice all the time even thought I try.
LostnScared76 LostnScared76
41-45, F
May 9, 2013