The Gain Story

year ago, I broke my ankle, meaning I was sitting at home allday, eating and drinking out of boredom.
After just two weeks,I could feel my jeans getting tight, was concerned at first, but then noticed myself shirtless in a full length mirror, and found the sight of a slight belly overhang quite a turn on
I was off sick for another month, so threw caution to the wind, and basically pigged out from morning till bedtime, at the end of a months pigging out and doing absolutely nothing, my 32 inch waist had become a 34 in
not good enough for me, started work again, and consumed high energy drinks and chocs to keep up the gain. after 2 months made 36 ins, now after 3 months 38 ins
I feel so much better,,I love the act of struggling to fasten my jeans, and the bulge under my t shirts.My whole upper body ripples when i have a shower
Get lot of ribbing from mates, dont care.......
fatboy121212 fatboy121212
31-35, M
3 Responses Jun 9, 2012

Well, get bigger jeans and then fill them up to the point of bursting. That's exciting! --HXTP


I get ribbing from one of my friends at work too..don't sweat it...enjoy it!