Getting Fingered With My Entire Family In The Car

This story happened when I was 17 and my boyfriend was 18 and it inspired my thrill of fooling around when it's a little "dangerous". My parents, two younger sisters, me and my boyfriend were coming home late at night after a day at the lake. My youngest sister sat in the middle front seat between my parents. My boyfriend was in the middle back seat between my sister and me. Late, dark and still a little wet, I covered my boyfriend and myself with a beach towel. He had his hand on my leg and was wordlessly sliding it up my leg. We had already swam way out in the lake today so we could grope under the water without anyone seeing, but got so far out that they sent the boat to pick us up and we didn't get to "finish". So I had been very horny all day. We planned to fool around in the car, so I took off my swimsuit in the bathroom before we left and just had very loose stretchy shorts and a loose tank top on. Nobody was paying attention to us and I think my sisters both fell asleep since it is about an hour or so drive. My boyfriend had amazing self control and skills for an 18 year old. He realized how long the car ride is and that I can't say anything so he decided to tease me and drive me crazy. He slowly runs his hand up the inside of my right thigh and then down my left thigh. Back up again ever so slowly and I am spreading my legs a little wider - begging in my head for him to touch my *****. He touches the outside of my shorts ever so gently pressing on my ***** and almost under me so he rubs over my back hole. I am so wet and my shorts are getting damp. But I sit with my hands visible and try not to move or change my expression. The only thing moving is his hand and my wet pulsating crotch. He runs back up and down my leg to drive me crazy. I slip a hand under the towel to guide his hand back to my *****. He keeps rubbing outside of my shorts for a good 10 minutes. I love it and hate it at the same time because I want him to plunge his fingers inside of me. I reach down and pull my shorts totally to the side and away because I fear they are getting so wet that someone might notice when we get home. He places the entire palm of his hand against me with his thumb on my ****. It is so sensitive that I nearly jump. Finally he slides a finger into my dripping wet, but super tight ***** because I am a virgin. It feels so good that I almost forget I am in the car with my family and have to stop myself from moaning. He doesn't put another finger inside me and I am dying for more. So I shock even myself by sliding my index finger inside of my ***** right beside of his finger. He whispers to me how hot this is and how much he loves me. He says do you want another one and I nod. So he slides a second finger to join my finger and I am stretched so tight but it is heaven. Then I just start quivering with a powerful ******. We leave our fingers in place and as soon as I think I am done, I have another one and juices flow everywhere. It was my first double ******. We discreetly pull our hands out and dry them on the towel. I pull my shorts back in place and we hold hands the rest of the way home. This is still a great memory for me.
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Sound so goodddd

That's ******* sexy

That's nice

That's my kind of fun! I'd do that kind of stuff in a heartbeat.

wish i could do this to the girl i love to explore a woman's body, esp. in naughty places, make her incredibly wet YUM

young love is a beautiful thing

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i want to stick my **** in your vagina and fill it up :)

Or you could do it to me...? ;)

Love this story - I had a very similar experience, though I was the one on the delivering end. Very hot...