I Was Just Diagnosed With This Condition:-(

I think it all began when I was 12 years old.
My breasts started to grow and they have not stopped growing. I am 20 years old now and I have a 44JJ. I do realize that a lot of men like it due to their breast fixation thing but I hate the way that reduces me to a pair of breasts. Every single time I talk to a man, he cannot leave his eyes from my breasts. It is coming to the point now, where I rarely go outside. I am feeling more and more down. Last week I went to my doctor and not only did he mention a word I have never heard before: Gigantomastia but he also diagnosed me with a moderate clinical depression and I am not currently on antidepressants.
I have just joined experience project to find similar people out there. I could sure use the advice and experience from fellow women with the same condition...

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Are breast reductions an option? I realise you'd probably have to get them every once and a while but if it makes you feel more human and less "all boobs no face" I'd say it's worth it.

well I grew up with a friend like that so I understand
if you want you can look up my friend biggest bras on here she'll give you some advice

The only person you ever have to please just yourself. Forget about everybody else and just keep going. You have it in you thank you for the story. You rock babe!!!!

Dear Dear Maura,
you probably know who many women get boob surgery to get bigger boobs. Dont be depressed. Just appreciate what God has given u. Best way to make u happy is to find a friend who would love u and pay attention to ur breasts so that you will feel appreciated.
U dont need to hide inside so that people would not stare at u. Most guys love big boobs but they dont understand situations like yours. I would strongly urge u to live ur life and not worry about those ***** who stare at u.
One more thing, always share ur inner most feeling only with God, ask HIM to guide u.
And if u like add me so that we can be in touch.
take care little sister.

U should chat with Brittanybabycakess on here , she is just A young girl with the same problem . Had 2 drop out of school because of it , if its all true I dont know ? Any 1 can be anything on here I've found . So its hard 2 find the Honest 1's !! Love 2 be friends SweetHeart Thanks !!

This, along with pretty much all of the "Gigantomastia community" on this website are all bullshit. They're men with fantasies of of enormous breasts wanting to chat with huge boobed girls but end up only chatting with other horny guys with phony profiles. It's quite funny really!

Thats exactly my point. There probably ARE no women on here with gigantomastia... they're all guys, whaling it out at their computers, to each other's comments!! HAHAHHA!!

Dear, you can be strong and you have freinds that will support you.


I TRUELY hate to hear that you feel that way about your Blessings!! Yeah, I know I don't have to carry them around - But, I'll volenteer! I'll come help you out: I'm here for you...

I'd like to be your friend - Ok,

I wait your Soon...


As for you depression: I prescribe my patend-pending messgage to release those pinned-up endorphins.

sorry, baby, as man there is nothing I can say right now that will make you feel better............. I am very sorry that you have been made to be ashamed of your body and not happy....

They say you can't tell a book by its cover. But the only thing there is now, is the cover. As time goes by, the book will show itself. Big breasts are nice for most men. But it can't sustain a relationship. As you talk (even if his eyes are not looking at your face), you will find out if you have anything in common. If not, it will break up. If so, the breasts are just a bonus for him, not the main thing.

As a man I know we can be dogs but don't let someone else decide who and what you are or how you feel about yourself...you are giving them too much power. You are you if you have breast or you don't and you choose whether you let it rule your life or you rule it! We all have body issues in some way but it is what it is! That is the part that you don't have control over!

You should ignore the people that just stare at your breasts and I hope you don't let this condition depress you. I'd like to give you more ample information, but I just want to assure you that there is nothing wrong with you, but you need to be self confident and ignore those that stare at your breasts.

Hi Maura, there are a lot of good people on here that you can talk to about your condition.

You have two built in bullshit detectors now. The guys who treat you with respect and look you in the eye are worth talking to. Everyone else was never worth your time, most girls have to find that out over time.

I can understand your frustration about men's eyes and the feeling about breast reduction. Mine some times cause me problems too although I am not nearly as large as you are, I hope all goes better for you