From High Atop His Perch Bellowing In The Face Of All Creation

It was a hot summer morning. Without air conditioning, pulling into the huge junk yard to find the right part to fix the air. Down the gravel drive to the main office. The sun was almost at noon. Bright. To the left and about 75 yards away the pillars that supported the highway offered a shadey oasis for the brush and bramble. The birds sang and the crickets chirped happily as the day resounded with life and swish of vehicles making their way to and fro up on the highway. And ahead and beyond the junk yard a canal drifted lazily by on this hot, hot day. A little grumpy from the heat I lit up a cigarette. An old man happened by and he was much more grumpier than I that day. "You can't smoke over here!", he said. He must have been watching me because I didn't see him until he was right up on me. I'll bet he saw me at first and built up his anger all the while as he approached too. I could tell that he probably recieved gratification of some sort being able to exert his authority. Hey, I didn't know. Sorry! So I looked back at him indignantly meeting his bitter gaze and said "OK!" just as loudly and angrily as he had informed me of the apparent rules. His eyes glazed over in amusement and genuine humor and his expression lightened up a bit. The trace of a smile crossed his face and he happily skittered off into the junk yard to take care of the day's duties. I put the cigarette out. I waited now anxiously for news of whether or not the part would be available... in the hot sun.

Suddenly I heard fierce bellowing resounding from some where. Words that would make a sailor blush and a rage that would cause anyone to run for fear of their lives. I scanned the scenery to identify the source of the upset. Nothing. The hot day floated lazily by except for the sound.

Finally I looked upwards to the heavens and there it was. There was a man up on the billboard that towered above the highway. I could barely make him out but there he was! It was a billboard worker. He must have really botched his job or dropped his can of paint because he was cursing at the top of his lungs to high heaven! That was hysterical! G.D. this and that. It made my moment. It was so funny.

The part was not available so I went home. Although laughing all the way there. Hope he was able to straiten out whatever went wrong.
Ilove2work Ilove2work
Jan 12, 2013