Dead From Laughter.

My friends online and IRL think I laugh too much.
They all freak out because of how much I laugh/smile?
When I find something funny I’m genuinely sitting here laughing like a fricking idiot.
I can’t do that whole “hahahahahahah i’m laughing so hard” thing and then be like :I behind my desk no
in reality I’m probably having a heart attack rolling on the ground trying to figure out how to exist and listen/read jokes or funny things because everything makes me laugh.

I’m sure my parents think I’m wheezing and dying because of all the snickering I do.
AnnieWays AnnieWays
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 19, 2012

i think dis is kinda of depression symptom....i m facing also..laughing is good for health and make environment happy..may b you show yourself happy person but you
are not happy really in inside..!!

You sound great. I love a happy fun girl. If only I was younger and in UK and and and...

Well you sound adorable.

Wow, you're making me blush! haha well, im sure you'll find someone way better than me :)
I don't live in the UK btw :))

ha I laugh for everything too, but depends on what the joke is =)

you could tell the punchline wrong and ill still have a fit of laughter lol. not hard to make me laugh

same here