I'm a Giggler!!

I get the giggles a lot!! I have these uncontrolable giggle fits....I used to be much worse as a child....I would have such histarical giggle fits I think people thought I needed a straight jacket. :D

These days I mostly just get the giggles at home...but every now and then it happend in a public place....but most the time in public I'm so uncomfortable that it doesn't happen. 

But yes....I am a giggler...something hits me just right....I'll never stop!!! :D

TheBattleWithin TheBattleWithin
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 16, 2009

HAAH I think people who giggle are BRILLIANT. Laughter can be very contageous so giggly people are a MUST to be around ESPECIALLY in public. If anyone doesn't like laughter, maybe they should take a tablet or something.

I remember when you couldn't stop laughing really weird for a while. That was kind of scary. LOL!