Just Last Week

As many of you know I am not quite 24/7 yet, going to work dresses in pretty dresses and heels. That will happen later in its own time. That said it is getting harder and harder for me to pretend I'm a male though. My mannerisms, my walk, the way I sit  for decades has been pure feminine. My voice though low is more unmistakeably female than male.

Co-workers and myself had been out at a local cafe for lunch one day to celebrate a birthday of one of them. We had just finished eating lunch and were leaving. I was winding my way between the tables to get to the door and found my path blocked by a busboy wiping down the tables. His back was toward me so I just said "excuse me". He stepped slightly to the side and without turning to look said "excuse me sir".

I smiled, let it go and walked past him. Just then he looked up at me and said "Err, ma'am! I'm really sorry about that." I didn't want to make anything out of it so I continued on. Why would I want to do anything when I just received the compliment that made my week! A couple of my co-workers were with me on this path to the door. The guys just shook their heads, the ladies smiled too. And so ... we left.

I was so giddy for the rest of the day! It felt wonderful, my heart was light all day long.

It's not that uncommon for someone to call me ma'am and some may even correct that to 'Sir'. Now that isn't lifting for men. 

This was definitely a welcome event in my life.

Yes, to say i was giggling, giddy, bubbling ... you choose ... the rest of that day would be an under statement.
Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
Feb 12, 2012