I Will Not Giggle Posting This *giggle* Dammit !

Anyone that has talked to me for even a minute knows this is true...I giggle all the time *sighs*

That is not to say when a convo is serious ... I cant be serious I can and will  ...but if it is just everyday talk and god forbid something funny or happy...I giggle up a storm ....ohhh a giggle storm *giggles* stop I wont do that again !

*giggles* No not again *giggles* that's it Kitti out !! I refuse to giggle even one more time on this post *giggle*

OHH CRAP ! *giggles*

softkitti softkitti
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16 Responses Dec 26, 2009

I can giggle and purr with the best of them batman =-P

I like to hear kitty purrr.......I mean giggle...or is it the same?

wooo .. that is so beautiful and lyric ...okay ..soulskiss, for that I will giggle for you in the classiest way possible ... *stand on table clears throat , checks modulation ... giggles in operatic form *...*giggle*

You're not so innocent yourself, kat-woman, you and your full-body catsuit and thigh high boots and 'tail'.

ahhh Reece such a sweetie ... *giggles* <br />
oh Lucifer . you in a maids outfit omg ...yes I just finished giggling with that image in my brain *covers eyes b lushing* naughty devil

She's right. I once conversed with her on the matter of an ostrich feather, a bottle of wine, and my favorite maid's outfit I love to dress in. Trust me, she could barely breathe she was giggling up a storm.

**giggles as he hugs you back** Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii **laughs and falls over** You have no idea how ticklish I am HAHAHAHAHAHA Any time my dear **giggles too**

ohhh yayayay hugs and giggles I love it *hugs Reece and tickles him* thank you darling ..he was a downer *giggles* ....

**panics and runs into a wall** Oh god, not feathers **giggles like a mad man** anything but that SK

yayayay CJ *runs after LP CJ and Reece with a long feather * I want to hear giggling today

We certainly to **giggles like crazy and gives you a big hug** Yeah, I knew he was making you upset...................... And I couldn't have that *giggles some more**

NOw I'm giggling!! LOL

OMG .... do you LP... you tinkle when you giggle darling hmmm lets see *runs after LP tickling her*

*giggles* yes I am darling ... ahh Reece us sexy gigglers must stick together no?...*giggles and hugs Reece* umm I am glad to see the sad man gone darling as ur avatar...he would pop my balloon everytime I saw him sweetie ..... this one looks rebellious ...grrowwwlll good for you *giggles* ;-D

I'd giggle....but I gotta use the washroom first.

I didn't know you were a fellow giggler SK???????? **giggles**