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Clitoral stimulation through vibration, flicking, and other oral methods may be explored with a partner and alone in order to find what works (flicking and such types of stimulation while alone will require a toy). There’s a lot of emphasis on this region, the clitoris, and rightly so, but there’s one thing beginners (both male and female) often get wrong. The clitoris is a teeny organ that’s hidden behind the upper part of the labia, and for a women is somewhat like a penis, in fact it’s what would have become a penis had she developed into a man instead of a woman. That said, the very tip of the inner part of the clitoris is often very sensitive, like the tip of a man’s penis that’s uncircumcised (protected by the foreskin) and therefore OVERLY sensitive, so it’s not the best place to touch directly. For many women, rubbing, flicking, touching or vibrating the area around, and at the base, and on either side of the ultra sensitive clitoris, is usually considered more arousing that actually manipulating the very tip of the **** itself. Naturally the sensitivity of this region will be different for each woman and that’s why ladies need to explore themselves.
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I have always asked to be show how. After all she had more practice pleasuring herself, I would be silly to not at least ask "what get's you hot / off?"

Milky thinks you are right on the button with this analysis! ;) xx