Shy Wife

Like many married men, I have fantasies about my wife being ****** by other men. Sometimes we talk about it in bed and we mutually ********** as I get her to talk about other men and her sexual experiences in her past. However hard I try to get her interested, she says she would be shy of seeing other men. Then I suggested maybe she could wear a blindfold or hood over her head so she does not see the man or men who will be ******* her. She wasn't sure about this, so I said we could try on our own first. I found a black nylon bag which we used years ago for camping. It was just the right size to slip over her head without it being too tight. She let me put the hood over head and soon I was ******* her. She was naked except for the hood over her head. It was strange not to see her face but strangely it made me horny because it seemed like I was ******* a woman I'd never met before. It seemed to turn her on too, and she said she felt like she was being ****** by a stranger. I have never seen her *** so hard before. I hope she will get to like it even more and she will ask me to find other men for her.
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Jan 23, 2013