One Off My Friend's Taste

In one of my classes there is an absolutely beautiful girl. When i first saw her i almost couldnt take my eyes off her. And now lucky me, i sit next to her in class and beacause of class activities i've been able to talk to her more. I don't even know if i can explain to you how beautiful she is. Actually, she bears a resemblance to Zooey Deschanel.

She just has some of the most beautifully colored eyes i've ever seen. They are this beautiful sky blue color mixed in with aqua, and then lightly streaked with dark brown. And her eyes are so big that her eyes look crystal clear like a lake that you can clearly see the bottom of. She also has these cute lightly colored freckles on her nose. She's very white, beautiful coloring. And has wavy deep dark brown hair that flows about half way down her back. She also has a gorgeous body, not too skinny, she has nice curves. She's very sweet and seeing her smile actually brings a smile to my face as well. She's just so bright and happy when talking to her. I almost feel silly because of how, i guess you could say, infatutated i am with her when i don't even know her. I'm normally not like this. I normally fall for someone once i've gotten to know the person, but this girl just caught and held my attention right from the first moment i saw her
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Dec 4, 2012