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Quiet Stanley Gets To Business

Saturday Stanley emailed me and asked me how long we'd be busy in the afternoon,
I replied to be safe Stanley, plan on staying till very late or near dinner time.

Stanley arrived near 1 PM as requested , he can inside a plopped down a huge number
of books ,
I picked some up and read the titles, and they seemed strange titles and subjects
for Stanley to be reading, so I asked him about all these books and the way they seemed weird
to me?
Stanley quietly replied he told his mom he was going to the library today and not the truth about
visiting me, he did rush to the library and grab all these books so when he did go oime he could walk by
his mom with armfuls of books.

Now I figured our why he e-mailed me, quiet Stanley could not even be caught talking
to a girl on the phone.

So with this information I told Stanley - he better follow everyone of my instructions
or I'l go knock on his door tomorrow and tell everyone what he did Saturday.

I said to Stanley, together we have to bake the cookies from scratch- you'll have to remove
your pants-you can't go home with flour and chololate on them

Stanley knew I had a point, he also knew I was heading towards putting him in a dress again.

However this time, I had him wear anklets socks and panties and a short frilly yellow dress
Stanley was slow to change ,but I kept after him till he did so
then I placed a nice granny apron on him
baking was fun , I taught Stanley a thing or 2 , and when the cookies were finally all in the oven
I asked him to be a sweety and wash and dry the dirty dishes while I sit outside to cool down

He wanted me to help with the dishes , I said okay if I help we can sit down outside together
while the cookies bake
that scared him and he insisted I rest while he took care of the dirty dishes

He thought he avoided going outdoors with me, but I still got him
I told him the cookies need to cool down before we eat some, so lets go
for a little walk
Grabbing his sweaty hand , I pulled him outside and boy can he walk fast

the cookies were good and Stanley survived
MissJanice MissJanice 18-21, F 6 Responses Jun 3, 2012

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stanley is a lucky guy ! thanks for thetory !

Fabulous sweetie

Who is stanely

Stanley also known as Staci is a boy who now wears dresses for the girls.

And y is he gay how old is he

No he believes that boys should be able to wear dresses and skirts too. Why should girls be allowed to wear boy clothing and not the reverse. Boys wearing dresses or skirts doesn't make them gay anymore then a girl wearing jeans makes them a lesbian. He is 13, there are a lot of boys who will wear a dress or skirt. Have you ever dressed a boy in a dress or skirt - if not try it. Talk to Miss Harley or Miss Janice, they know of quite a few boys who have worn dresses and skirts - even to school when possible.

Umm no I dont kniw any biy stgat want to be dressed in a skirt or dress is that fun I hooe pe io le dont make fun if hin

None of his friends make fun of him, you as a girl can get a boy in a dress very quickly - Ask Miss Penny or Miss Harley.

Noe01, you seem to have a skewed view of boys wearing dresses. Boys wearing dresses is going to become more accepted as time goes by. The boys themselves do want to be dressed in them. It is their choice to do this. Like Melodie13 said, Stanley is accepted and very much loved by the gg's that dress him up. He wants to be dressed with girls and in dresses. Harley, Janice, and Penny are very accepting of boys wearing dresses and the boys love that alot. Please do not judge others that you know very little about.

You remember before you type it says with respect? Learn some guys who cross dress and are trangenerd know what they are so they don't need more people harping on then

I am not judging him im nit saying eww your dressing in skirts and dresses no because I havent dressed a boy in a dress before

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Miss Janice see if Stanley, David and Adam will model dresses for Lady Beverly and her friends too, just like Kristen, Laura and Robin did.

Very nice job. You got him to go outside in a dress. We need updates with Adam and David please. Those need to be told soon.

Hopefully Stanley calmed down after being outside in awhile. Next thing is the mall movie theater, he needs to go in a dress and undies, anklets and girl's sneakers (if possible).<br />
<br />
Did Miss Harlet and Miss Penny get a chance to see him outside, I really hope so.