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My 1st Dress,

The fine Ladies of this group set up a program called , swap shop , it was to help boys find dresses for the dress like a girl day at our school, I wanted a dress for a long time,over a year anyway.
I am very shy about my desire and it took me great courage to find the nerve to tell the girls I wanted a dress
they wanted me to trade pants for a dress, but I could not do that,
So i made a deal to join this site and post a picture of me in a dress.
I hope to find the site friendly and am happy the girls are my friend and looking after me.

my next story assignment is tomorrow -thank you.
sweetpeaDeby sweetpeaDeby 18-21, M 8 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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That's great ... happy dressing and you are lucky to have several girl as you friends and looking after you.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Hi Deby, and welcome to EP. You'll find a very supportive sorority here. As Melody said, don't add me to your circle. It isn't anything personal - it's an issue of your age. Having said that, I'm always available for a girly chat or to answer questions. Welcome home! Angie

so don't be so shy

Hey dude, I'm 29 and am in a fraternity at Baylor University and i crossdress everyday. I've been dressing since I was 8 and found it hard to tell my friends. At first I had shame about it, but now I have none. Even some girls are into the idea, don't know why, but sometimes it works. Do what makes you happy and say yes to life, and don't care what others may say because they are not you. Phi Alpha.

Yes,welcome to E.P.Be yourself here and have fun.Lady Beverly and the girls can help <br />
you alot.Again have fun.

Not much more to say but welcome. We will help you with your feelings and dressing questions. Don't be affraid to reach out to us. We will protect you from the mean people.

You are welcome here anytime. I am Melodie13. First I don't want to meet up or have you add me as a friend. I will offer advice though. You wanting to wear dresses or skirts is fine. I have worn both since I was 11. So I fully understand what you are going through. Don't be afraid to ask questions or talk to the girls about this. Myself and others like "The BillyorTheBillie" , Andreaneejustinfield" or even LadyBeverly will help you. Any comments you don't like you can delete them. The writers can also be blocked if they pester you in any way. Again Welcome to EP and I hope you find a little more happiness here with friends.