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Sissyannie Is Called Out

Sissyannie is called out by his mother,
She has a new attitude , she no longer likes her sons ways,
,she actually never did like his ways,
But where at one time she let him be as is, she now has called
his behavior unacceptable ,
sissyannie has made a good step to being a better person by admitting
his mistakes.
The interesting thing is - when dressed as a sissy ,sissyannie is a perfect
good girl , when not dressed as a sissy- still a problem
MissPenny MissPenny 18-21, F 6 Responses Jun 23, 2012

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Thats the way I got started too, being bad. Was sisiified by mom and sis.

Does she humiliate his manhood too?

I've heard that before some people have said it helps stop bad behavior I wonder how come though

I agree with everyone. He can't handle being a boy. So he will need to learn how to be a polite and compassionate girl. So I would have his boys clothes eliminated.

Miss Penny, you Harley and Janice should go talk to Annie's mother. Let her know you girls got tired of the way he treated you and got back at him. Let her know you three started dressing him as a girl in dresses and silky undies. That his attitude changed immediately and actually became a likeable person, he behaved himself, his manners improved. It was hard to believe this was the same boy. Tell his mom to start dressing him as a girl and she will like it better as well.

Keep that boy dressed,he'll be better off.