Sweetheart Wendi/owen Update

Our sister is getting to be quite charming,
Wendi not lonely prefers to wear a dress, Wendi prefers a dress with a pretty print and bright colors, and the style of dress worn years ago by
little girls,
We also found Wendi adores pretty ribbons and bows, and liked having
her hair styled more girly

As of this moment wehaven't gotten Wendi/owen to join the site, but
we certain it will happen soon.
MissHarley MissHarley 18-21, F 5 Responses Jul 2, 2012

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Sounds like a wonderful girl is born.<br />
We look forward to meeting Wendi.

Have Owen join EP as "Beautiful O'Wendi<br />
<br />
<br />
He has to use the O from Owen plus look at it the first four letters spells his name.

Very clever word play.
I like it

that is quite cute and inventive Melodie, I love it very much.

Please have Owen/Wendi to join and share her story. We would love to read about it.

Yes, tell Owen/Wendi she is cordially invited to join EP. NO one will think ill of her or degrade her. She is welcome as the morning sunrise.

Tell her to get her heels in gear and join