Be For Real

In typical Joanne style I will write this entry differently than most for a stack of personal reasons not least when you indentity as female you're not gender speaking, a boy, something that obviously removes me from the numerous 'sissy boy' experiences and groups here.
Let's turn this around, I'm a girl who enjoys very much being a girl even if I was 'born' a boy who does things pretty much by herself as often as I'm able.
I go through phases where I feel the need to be validated, pampered and supported in my girlhood because of some of the external drama around the edges of my life makes things seem 'too much' apart from the many aches and pains I suffer from as well as being an barrier to surgery.
I appreciate those girls here who 'adopt' boys as special sisters.
Would those girls adopt me and come out in support of my femininity?
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4 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Yes I would.

Hi! My name's Noelle. I became aware of crossdressing when I found my 10 yr old brother wearing my panties. I was 12. Mad at first, he was wearing MY clothes! But he was so scared and so sad ---well we began to dress him from there on out. May I help? Love Noelle

Good girl, Noelle! I would love to hear more about this ... do tell.

Sister should be supportive dealing with cd-brothers. Once they experience the feel of female clothing, they will always have the need to wear it. A cd person trys to stop many times, but it will always over power then and they will do it again.. My sister was like you and helped me with my female side.
And thank you for being supportive to everyone like your brother is.

I sure would! I have a furson here ^_^
I love crossdressing and can relate to age regression so you're ok by me :)

you're welcome ^_^

I am sure they would, Joanne. I was adopted as a special sister by several gals back when I was in university and yes they came out in support of my femininity.