Teen Boys Leathered In Front Of The Girls.....

Just when I was starting in secondary school we moved to a new area.i was twelve at the time. My brother was ten .i also had three sisters,one was fourteen one was sixteen and the younger one was nine.me and my brother were brats.
There were only eight houses in a cul de sac development.when we moved in the other moms invited my mom to welcome party.
Apparently they had a system to punish Badly behaved kids worked out .as there had been a lot of bad behaviour
Previously and some of the kids were getting out of control. Well the plan was that each mom took turns as the punishment administrator .they started with the first house and each mom had to spank all the errant kids in segments of a week.so every week the spanker

If our mom was on duty when we deserved a spanking she had to send to one of the others .moms weren't allowed to punish their own kids.
Well it didn't take long before my younger brother and sister got to taste the three tailed leather which was yprovided for the job.
If you were caught by a mom doing something deserving a spanking outside she could bare your bum for an immediate twelve hand slaps on the top of the legs.where ever you were at the time and in front of who ever.girls or boys .
Firstly they were caught bullying a little girl and trying to take her doll. So when Susan the girls mom heard her crying and came to get her ,she ordered my sister and brother to bend over the front garden wall little sis had her skirt turned back and knickers taken down while bro had pants and trousers removed.we could here the cracks of Susan's hand and the squeals of the two kids at the end of the road as she gave a good warming .they would still have to report to the duty mommy for they strap.
When they were brought into the duty mom they discovered she had two teen girls and a preteen son waiting to. Watch the action.some of us were waiting outside to hear the strapping and gloat that it wasn't us lreceiving it.
The two miscreants were kneeling on either end of the coffee table with their hands on the floor while they got every second slap out of twenty four twelve each.
We were three of us my friend and my fourteen year old sister having a giggle when a mom from across the road caught us and went mad.she immediately told us to drop our trousers and pants while she was pulling my sisters knickers down.she let us stand while she held my sisters skirt up and reddened the backs of her legs.god did she scream .then we got ours with half the road watching.
We were then marched into Aoife's for our real spanking
Seeing as she just finished the other two she asked Patricia who had caught us if she would do the two boys and she would do my sis.that was ok so she made us boys
Stand on chairs facing each other and reach out and hold hands.if we let go our hands she said we would get four on each hand extra each..while Patricia made us scream my sis was receiving twelve from Aoife while kneeling on the coffee table .of course we just couldn't hold hands with the sting of the leather .when Patricia finished our bottoms she asked Aoife to give one of us the four on each hand while she done one of us.
Because my brother was punished for bullying a girl they dressed him in a full schoolgirl uniform and told him he would finish the week in it even at school.
I can tell you now I can't wait to move out of here but there is no hope of that .we were crying and sniffling for a while after that and little bro was properly humiliated..
May continue this we'll see..

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Jan 18, 2013