Girls Are Too Judgeable They Only Like Pretty Boys

ever since elementary school girls see me unattractive and say that im ugly but this girl had a crushed and some people knew about it and i was happy and then we started were going good and the last day of school when we had our fifth grade graduation she said that she was going to miss me since the summer i was surprised because a girl like me not because of my looks just the way i am until it was september and it was my first year at middle school and i saw the girl that liked me and i thought she was happy to see me but instead she avoided me like i didnt exist and then until it was summer school and we were in the same class until some during break me and some people got together and they mention to her if she liked and got disguisted and said no she said"can you tell me somebody who is cute not ugly" she was even surprised and shocked that she liked me before so i thought whats the point liking her and rumors said she had a boyfriend but then i realized that girls called me ugly all the time they got disgusted by me so mostly i saw girls with their boyfriends and talked about boys the liked because they were pretty and i was just chop liver and mostly the same thing happened in high school seeing the girls kissing their boyfriends while i just feel like an idiot and i saw the girl that used to like me about two months that she was with this boy and i assumed that the boy was her boyfriend because they were kissing in front of me no wonder she likes him because hes pretty and im not and right now i liked a girl that was with me in elementary school all they way to high school but i dont expect to like because she is just like girls judgeble arragant so its a waste of time is like talking to a tree to this day i never had a girlfriend and im 19 years old and this valentines day i had watch the boys with their girlfriends celebrating it and me having to watch which i felt really but what i did not feel really depressed ss always i decided to listen to death metal so i would forget about it right now im always complaing that im ugly all the time which makes in a bad mood
phantom619 phantom619
May 9, 2012