Girls And Women In The Men's Room

In my childhood home, there was only one bathroom, and sometimes we needed to share. I grew up being comfortable peeing in front of my mom or my sis (and of course my dad) if they were taking a bath or using the sink and I couldn't wait. They would pee when I was in the bathtub, too, and we were fine with sharing when we needed to.

My first experience with women or girls in a public men's room happened at a concert many years ago. I went to use the urinal and there was a line of women inside the men's room waiting to use the stalls. The row of urinals was profile to the line, and all the girls had a perfect view of the guys at the urinal. I found it exciting to pee with them watching me and made no effort to hide.

There were numerous times women have been in the mens room at bars, at concert, and a few times at a football stadium. I don't mind them being there at all, and love it when they watch the guys at the trough or the urinal.

A few years ago, I was at Disneyland and needed to pee. I walked into a men's room and all the urinals near the entrance were vacant. I took the nearest one mounted on a huge column. Just as I started to pee, a foreign guy walks in with his daughter about 9 or 10. He walked up to the urinal on the column to my immediate left with his daughter standing between us. This was awkward at first as the girl was right next to me, and just tall enough to see everything nature gave me and how it was working. I don't mind adult women being in the men's room, but this was different, and I felt inhibited. After a split second of surprise, I realized that I'm where I'm supposed to be, didn't care, and just kept peeing. If they were okay with it, so was I. Due to the 90 degree angle of the column mounted urinals, I had a perfect view of her dad peeing. He let loose with a lot of force, and I'm sure that the girl was being hit in the face with backsplash. She was expressionless as she stood there watching both of us. My stream slowed and she watched as I shot out the last few bursts, shook off, and put it away.

Since then, there have been several times that men bring their daughters into a mens room when dad needs to use the urinal. Some men complain; others don't say anything. I'm desensitized to it, and don't care. We all do what we need to do.
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Here are a couple of standouts I have seen and shared with my wife. She loved hearing about it. I wish I could sneak her into the men's room to observe in person.The show-off guy that starts unbuckling and pulling down and unzipping a foot away from the urinal and flops everything out including his ball sac to pee.His pee hole is usually like a hose and his **** stream looks like it came out of a faucet Then he gets on his cell phone and freehands his package for all to see.He is another one that will stand until the last drop comes out and then waits longer. If you have foreskin some men like to display their natural tool, especially if they have a long foreskin and can whip it around like having a tube attached to their glans.

My wife and I want to know what penis sightings stand out that you have observed, also have you had any other females watch you go? Do you ever let a female hold your tool as you go? I love to have my wife hold me and have her feel the pee flowing thru my penis organ and out thru my foreskin.

Q: My wife and I want to know what penis sightings stand out that you have observed
A: Probably the guy at Disneyland stands out the most. He was standing profile to me using the urinal on the other side of the corner of the column. It was unusual for me to be facing someone from the side as I'm peeing. I was surprised at the force of his stream. It was even more unusual to have his daughter standing right between us. I've seen guys pee so many times that I can't remember any other specific event. I always get a kick out of it when guys just whip it out in public and pees.

Q: also have you had any other females watch you go?
A: I was at a party last night after a football game. All of us were hanging out at the picnic table in the back yard drinking, talking, and laughing. When the men needed to pee, they just got up from the table and peed in the yard with their back to the table. I loved it. It didn't take long before I had to go. Being that none of the women seemed to mind, I did as the other guys and peed in the yard. It was fun, and I did it several times. I don't know if any of the women paid any attention, but they could see me from the side if they looked.

Otherwise, there have been quite a few times that I come across a mens room where the door is propped open and the urinals are visible from the outside. I love to use the one closest to the door and smile at people who look in as they pass by.

Q: Do you ever let a female hold your tool as you go?
A: I haven't had the opportunity yet, but I would totally do it under the right circumstance.

My wife and I attended a large outdoor concert this past spring. The mens and ladies restrooms were in an adjacent building. Unfortunately there were not enough restrooms for the ladies. They always had a double line. I had just walked into the men's room and was followed in by 2 young couples. The females immediately went to the stalls in the men's room and their boyfriends joined me at the urinal trough. I thought OK, the poor girls had to go real bad and the men's room had all of their stalls open, fine. But the girls finished peeing first and rather than leaving the restroom they came over to watch their cut boyfriends and my uncut tool finishing peeing in the trough. They were all pretty much trashed and giggled as they watched us. I didn't know what to do. Both girls had clear shots of our peeing tools. One of the boyfriends reached deeper into his pants and pulled his nut sac out . His buddy did the same. By then I was getting erect and they could see my foreskin retracting and my penis elongating. I finished my business and went to the sink to wash my hands and left. I think the boys gave the girls a good show and probably ********** into the trough. I couldn't believe no one else came in. I told my wife what happened and she nearly wet her pants laughing so hard. She said I should have stayed and showed those girls what a 36 year old foreskin covered penis could do.

Hey Qdoba: Thanks for sharing your story with us. I would love to be peeing at a trough and have women come closer for a better look. There is a part of me that feels bold when women watch me pee, and I love it!

I have noticed that society allows female persons to enter male facilities but greatly forbids male persons from entering female facilities.

Unfortunately, there is a double standard. It should work both ways. One suggestion would be to reclassify the names of rest rooms. Instead of Womens or Mens, they would be referred to as "toilets without urinals" and "toilets with urinals". Both genders could go into either room. This would level the playing field.

What is worst on it is privacy. In womens toilet, they had stalls ie they are in private space. Mens arein the open.

As a child, I was oblivious to anyone else seeing me when I needed to pee. My family saw me numerous times. In my teens, I discovered the preference for privacy that lasted for many years. As I'm getting older, privacy doesn't matter to me too much. As long as I'm where I'm supposed to be, I don't really care who else is nearby and looks. After being in Europe for vacation where urinals are much more exposed than in the US, and sometimes out in the open in mixed gender bathrooms, I had to wonder why is privacy really such a big deal to pee for men? I went through a stage of being pee shy many years ago. Fortunately, it's no longer a problem. When I need to go, I go.