Guys Peeing

I watched my big brother pee and it was cool. I always wanted to be able to pee anywhere like him without pulling pants down. I held it one time while he peed and I could feel it coming through his d&&*. I tried squeezing his balls while he was peeing and I could make it stop coming out, ha ha. He showed me the ***** coming out too. I used to like the way he reacted when it came out, it made him feel so good. he said that it does not feel like that when pee comes out though???! I always wondered why i could make ***** come out faster than he could. Also why guys shoot ***** so fast when its their first time??? How weird. I devirginated so many boys when i was in high school, it was safe because I knew they did not have any disease. I used them and other guys I knew to find Jr. high guys that had not done anything with a girl and taught them what their stuff was used for. I liked to get them into a double sleeping bag when my brother invited them over to spend the night. Slowly undress myself until I was naked, this freaked them out. Then slowly undress them. After that a few simple tugs and pulls on their meaty parts would have ***** all over me. I liked to lay on them and slide around some then sit on them and put it in me and watch them freak out with another one in just a few seconds. I was understanding and did not want them to feel inadequate so I would always make them do it about 3 or 4 more times throughout the night until they could do it for about 10 minutes without shooting more ***** out. I came repeatedly and was excited as them every single time, I don't know why but I got off on devirginating young guys. This one guy had balls that just started to grow bigger due to puberty and I played with those little things and put him in me and make them shoot just a little out. Within a few months they grew huge and shot a lot more out when I sat on him. One time I dared these two young guys to get in my double sleeping bag with me naked (one on each side). I played with their stuff and sat on each one and made them get off in just a few seconds each. They were so embarrassed because the other guy got to see them get off. I had stuff all over me, it was so much. it is simply amazing how much stuff comes out with these young guys !!! wow
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so hot

I was 6 and saw this kid peeing outside he was 8. I asked him if i could watch and he said ok. I reached over and held his testicles while he finished peeing. I felt each one and it was so cool. He laid down and i played with them for a long time and he moaned and said it felt so good. I learned how to move them real fast between my fingers and he loved it. I saw him get hard and i rubbed it too.

Really nice stories. Thank you. Xx

My brother told me that when he was real young he went to his friends house to spend the night and the kids mother was real young but pretty as heck. She snuck into their room and signaled for him to come out. He went out and she said after my son goes to sleep come to my room downstairs and I will teach you something. He snuck downstairs at about 11:00 and she pulled him into her bed and put her hand on his stuff and moved it around for a long time. He got super hard and then she undressed him and he said he almost lost it.. (for the first time). But she said he was doing well so she bent her head down and started sucking on him. Well he started squirming immediately and she took it out of her mouth and jacked him a few times and he said it shot out so hard that it hit the wall with force (huge spurts). She told him that because it was the first time he should not be scared and that it was normal and asked him if it felt good. He said it felt so crazy and good that he reached down and had to squeeze his own balls real hard ??? weird huh?? He said that she got him going about 5 more times and on the 3rd and 4th times she put it in her and he came each time super quick. After he told me about all this I had to do it repeatedly to younger guys to do the same thing to them, it turned me on so bad. I was only 14 when I got a bunch of guys that were 12-13 for their first times.

I asked my older step brother to let me see him pee when i was 7. He was about 12. I was facinated by it and he said other stuff comes out too but he never did it yet and did not know how to get it out really except for what his friend told him. I told him that i saw it on a tape that mom and dads friend had at his house when i stayed there. He said really? I asked him if I could try it. He said ok. I told him that he would have to pull his pants off, he did. His balls and thing were the same as the guy on the tape. I felt his balls and they were so cool. I played with his thing and it got hard alright !! I pulled on it the same as i saw on the tape and it shot out, he was squirming all over the place and lost it and it scared him. He tried to hold his thing and stop it from shooting out and had a surprised look on his face. I said let it come out and he did, it shot out about 6 times and a lot !!!! A lot more than the guy on the tape. I said how can all that come from your balls??? He said I don't know !!! ha ha. Needless to say i did it every day for years until he got a girlfriend when he was 14 to do it. I had the hotest times experimenting on him all kinds of ways and the tapes that i watched showed me how to do it all.

I like your story. I love it. wow. that is the best story I read on here. so far.

My step brother bet me that i could not make him go down from a kick on his balls from behind with my bare foot. I said ok, he undressed and I was turned on (i was 8) and so excited every time i saw him naked (he was 14 or so and buff) so i felt his balls until he was real hard, so i would not kick his thing and then he bent over just a little and just before he said "ok" to do it, i kicked as hard as i could and saw his balls smash up into him and one came out the back of his butt over my foot, ha ha. Then he of course shot to the ground and yelled and curled up tight gasping for air. I had to rub him a long time to make him relax then i jacked him off and he really felt it when i came down each time and struck his sac. I had to push one ball back down into the sac before i started playing with him gently. That time i actually felt each one swell up some from the kick as i played with them. He never challenged me again to that game. Poor balls. He taught me how to hold the balls to keep them from being hit from my hand strokes and how to roll them around and pull on them to make him come faster, I swear a lot more comes out when i do that to men.

You sound a lot like my cousin. When I was younger(8-12) my male cousin and I who was the same age would always get totally dominated by his sister(my female cousin) who was 2 years older than us.

We would have sleepovers and my aunt was a very unfit parent(alcoholic, drug addict, etc.) so the 3 of us would basically have the run of the whole basement and we would usually be in our underwear or naked. My female cousin would always be in either her pyjamas or panties...we never did get to see her fully nude.

So we would play video games, board games and wrestle in our underwear or naked. And my female cousin was very sadistic when it came to our balls. She would run competitions and have us stand on the sofa with our hands behind our backs while she threw things at our nuts or punched or kicked our nuts or squeezed our nuts to see who could take more. A couple years into this when we learned to ********** the winner would sometimes get a ******* from my female cousin.

She would also make one of us hold the other one down while she kicked his nuts and she would also make us kick each other in the nuts as a contest....which I won more often because my male cousin sucked at kicking nuts unless i was naked... we both wore briefs but for some reason when I was wearing them he would kicked way behind me with his toe up and end up almost kicking his big toe up my ***. So when I wanted to win (which was all the time once the hand jobs started) I would wear my underwear for those types of contests.

But my female cousin was sadistic and would usually hurt the winner more then the loser after he got his reward.

I was playing a video game with a boy that was older than me. It was the one where johnny cage does the splits and punches others in the balls. It was funny because it made a crunch noise. I laughed and said does that really work??? He said sure and he had me do the splits under him and then i punched up slowly and felt with my fist on his soft spot to get the right place. He was wearing sweat pants and nothing else i guess because i could feel his balls easily when i pressed in and circled my fist. Then i punched them real fast and down he went, it was funny because he fell all over me. We did this a dozen times and then i reached up and grabbed his balls because it made me super horny. I played with them and he got so hard it was sticking way out. I felt bad because later i learned that doing that to a guy would make his balls ache if you don't make him come.