After Swimming

The majority of the gossip between women about the tiny size of my penis has gone on out of my presence. Most women who have seen my tiny **** (flaccid or erect) displayed no purposefully  cutting reactions or made harsh derogatory comments at the time. Some did make involuntary reactions out of sheer surprise at just how tiny my flaccid penis is and i have definitely noticed slight looks of disappointment when they have seen how small I am erect.
  There have been a few exceptions to this in more intimate settings but by and large the most common venue where I have been openly mocked or at least suffered unchecked audible reactions have been around a pool, pond, lake, river, lake or sea. In every case when it has been a poolside humiliation it was because someone pantsed me as I was trying to exit or just after I got out. Of course it was always when I would be seen by at least a few girls.
  Since my already tiny 2" **** shrivels to absolute babysize after being in the water it is even more shockingly pathetic looking. I know all guys suffer some shrinkage but it seems to be rather relative so none but the younger boys even get as small as mine is without shrinkage. My chastisements from women have been even more vociferous on the occasions where I have been exposed alongside other guys because of the visual comparison to them.
Once on a beach while partying with a large group of friends and acquaintances I was pantsed just *** I emerged from the lake. There just happened to be 2 very young boys playing in the sand nearby. They were both naked as they could be no more than 2 or 3 and I guess there parents didnt feel any need to protect their modesty (Southern Europe) My tiny shrivelled penis would only have been on view a few of the girls in my entourage for a few seconds but later on when night fell and the party was in full swing I overheard a lot of chortling comments between many of the girls there making particular note that the babies actually looked like they had better endowment than me. Considering my **** can shrink to about the size of half your average baby finger (length and breadth) it was probably close to the truth.
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I know exactly where your coming from. I can't help but notice those 'looks' you get when you get out the pool and your trunks stick to you but there is nothing to see. It's 2nd worst to actually getting in the showers when your done. Being a good looking lad most look over in anticipation and you can see the change in their look when you get out the water. It's bad enough on a normal day but being in the pool or working out in the gym seems to make it as bad as it can get, I would say my **** and balls are so tight and small that my **** just sticks out an inch vertical and my balls are inside me!

I know what you mean... i saw some women looking at my little peepee at the beach yesterday.