Very Very Horney a Trip to the Doctor

nearly 24 hours of the day i have a hard on ( why ) i went to the doctor but my own doc was away, in his place was a young feamale student doc, there was no chair to sit on so i had to stand i did not want to tell her my problem but i could see her glareing at the big bulge in my slightly tight trousers, with out me telling her my problem she started to pull my zip slowly down, she said it was a very rare problem but something she was very experanced at solven, SUDDENLY OUT POPPED MY BIG THICK **** POLAR NECK AND ALL her warm hands wrapped around the neck, she started to wrap her lips around it suddenly it was gone all 10 inches into her wet mouth, i was 15 minutes in there room or mouth hahaha, i tell ya she got a thick mouth full that morning,  

toaster toaster
31-35, M
1 Response Apr 25, 2008

its in my mind, hahaha