Women Who Like Crossdressers

My husband likes to crossdress and I have always enjoyed seeing him crossdressed, its added so much more excitement to our relationship and to our sex life. It was never really a big deal when I found out he liked to crossdress after all its just clothing and it was something that made him feel good, it did not change who he was. Every woman is different and some will react in a open minded positive way like I did and embrace the crossdressing and others will be closed minded and not accept it and can not be reasoned with, then there are those woman that will be shocked at first but after having a conversation they will become more and more understanding and accepting. Just like you cannot tell what type of men like to crossdress you cannot tell what type of woman will accept crossdressing. Many woman I have talked to are very curious to see a guy crossdressing,would they be curious to see a guy crossdressed if I had not talked to them first and told them about it and educated them about guys who crossdress I am unsure. I have also talked with other couples who crossdress and the wives or girlfriends have expressed the same things that I feel that the man is a much better lover because he is much happier and turned on and he is more fun and open because he can crossdress without fear. Are there woman who like men who crossdress, YES for sure there are as I am one of them and I have over the years talked with many who would love to see there husband in panties, pantyhose or lingerie and also I have talked with those woman whos husband crossdresses or boyfriend crossdresses and they are happy in there relationship. But as mentioned you cannot tell whether a woman will be into crossdressing or not, its just something you have to be patient with in telling her and also prepared to have a conversation as to why you like to crossdress. For my husband being able to crossdress in front of me is something that makes him so happy as I would imagine most men who crossdress would love to be able to crossdress in front of a woman and enjoy sex while dresssed. It makes me so hot to see a guy crossdressing, I love how a man looks in panties, pantyhose and lingerie and I know there are other woman out there who enjoy seeing a man wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie, sometimes is just tough for us woman to admit things that turn on us that might not be what society thinks is part of the norm. Check out our profile for more about us.
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Bravo. My wife draws the line at boyshorts that do not look very feminine. I respect that she does not share my love for sexy pantys, garters and stockings, sleepwear, etc. When I used to travel I would occasionally by an inexpensive dress and hose. I would wear them in the hotel room. Nothing sexual, it just felt good to relax and read while dressed enfemme.

my woman does not like me to dress . nothing makes me feel better than wearing heels and womenns clothes . do not know why but luv to dress

Bravo, very well said, thank you, I love reading stories written by women like u, i have been crossdressing since i was like 10, I have worn nylons and pantyhose probably more than the average woman does, I have like 40 yrs of crossdressing behind me, my current wife I cant understand her.
1 day she hates me crossdressing, the next day she will say honey why dont u go put on something sexy for me and wear ur highheels to. hard to understand, I know part of it she enjoys lesbian fantasies, and i also enjoy gay fantasies, but u know fantasies are just that fantasies and we both agree not to go past this point. In a healthy sexual reltionship there has to be boundries that u dont cross
My xdressing has at times hurt us, or maybe she just needs to engage in a ***** seccion, it just hard for me to understand her

i dont crossdress but i have a "thing"for sheer 2 waist /seamless pantyhose . and its called my ****!! lol ..get it? i have a "thing", and it's my **** .... <br />
<br />
great story,by the way

Hello, I'm the Ex girlfriend. My ex-boyfriend wears dresses 24/7. He was caught one day wearing my square dance petticoat and dress. Now I make him wear the dress and slip everyday at home. I also make him wear Capri's or girls shorts with lace on the pockets and printed girls tops when I take him shopping to humiliate him more. Everyone looking at him thinks he's gay. If they ask about him, I tell them he likes wearing panties and bra's and enjoys acting like a girl.<br />
I was just wondering what anyone else does with their sissy?

I am curious, why do you need to humiliate your boyfriend? This is why so many cross dressers never come out, they don't want or need the humiliation, degradation and general disdain. If you don't like him dressing leave him, otherwise embrace it. He is not "your sissy" any more than you are his "*****"; respect goes a long way in a mutually mature relationship.

Bobby has been a sissy since he was 5 yrs old, his sister dressed him in girls clothes, his mother let his sister dress him as a girl when she found out. When Bobby and I met, we were at a party that his sister was having. I thot he was gay at first, but his sister told me he that Bobby was wearing lingerie and girls clothes because he like it. I have always liked feminine guys, so we dated some and instead of getting married, we just decided to live the same house and share expenses.
His sister and mom told me all about how he grew up wanting to be a sissy and wearing dresses. He has been living and dressing like a girl all his life. Bobby wants to stay in a dress and enjoys acting like a total sissy girl.
My girlfriends and I enjoy teasing him and exposing him to others for their enjoyment. Bobby may be humiliated sometimes, but he won't give up wearing dresses or acting like a girl, so he kinda has to take it.

well i wish to **** that i could find a gril that likes it **** wish i could just find a woman at all have a lot to offer but cant even find a dog to **** dam all seam to wath a millon dolar man hell have a house land an lots of stuff to offer her love sex **** what a ****** up world

I think the mistake a lot of men make with respect to their crossdressing is that they make it all about them. Sure, dressing up is their fetish, but if you are to successfully incorporate it into a relationship, it has to be more than just a personal turn-on or need. You have to find a way that both parties in the relationship can get something out of it. Having hubby doing some housework while dressed as a maid could be seen as a win-win....so could hubby taking a keen interest in ladies fashion and helping with shopping and dressing choices.<br />
So my advice would always be, put yourself in the wife's shoes...and I don't just mean literally.

Thanks for sharing ... both my wife and I agree with everything you said. She discovered that I had crossdressed and enjoyed it back when we were dating. It excites her and ever since she not only has been supportive, but encouraging.