I Wanted A Perm As A Little Boy

Why? I'll never know. At age 5 my mom and a friend were giving each other home perms and I insisted on their putting curlers in my hair too. I so loved the feeling even then and it has never, ever left me. I have wanted perms and curls ever since. OK, pigtails and ponytails too. With ribbons at the end. I don't think a day has ever gone by where I don't feel feminine and girly at some point and think about a perm. I guess that's sort of strange for someone who has never been permed (but has been in curlers). I also loved girls clothes by then as well.
Our next door neighbors when I was I kid had three cute daughters, all very feminine. I so hoped I could find a way that their mom would add a fourth daughter from time to time, especially if a perm was involved.  I was far more girly and sissy than any girl I knew. I wanted everything that many girls resisted- frilly, lacy panties, sissy petticoats, slips, hair ribbons, party dresses with puffed sleeves and bows, frilly nighties, curlers, and more. I couldn't get enough.

I discovered my mother's box of curlers a few years later and used them whenever I could- mostly pink snap-on rollers but also brush rollers. This continued throughout high school. I used setting lotion and would wear something intimate, like panties or a half slip I had acquired, when curling my all too short hair. Probably my mom smelled the setting lotion. I fantasized my mom buying a home perm kit and putting it in the linen closet next to her box of curlers and realizing it had to be intended for me.

As I boy, I loved the thought of having my hair done and imagining myself wearing skirts and dresses with panties, slips and such while my hair is being permed.   think my mother knew what I was doing but she never confronted me. However, she often made comments about how my hair would hold a set and she even suggested around the edges about putting curlers in my hair. I wanted that so badly I could taste it. She also suggested dressing me as a girl for Halloween- I wanted to say YES and wear a short dress with petticoats and have my hair curled for the occasion. If my Mom had given me the option to be raised as a girl and have a cute perm and pretty dresses, I would have jumped.

I was a very feminine little boy although I soon learned that I needed to disguise the girlishness side and act "like a boy." Not easy when I wanted to be in a dress and at the salon for a perm, or at home for mom and our next door neighbor to give me a home perm!

Perhaps some day I'll take the chance and be permed to experience what I always wanted and never had growing up.

Kim1girl Kim1girl
61-65, T
Dec 8, 2012