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Wearing Short Skirts Without Panties

When I was 13 to 15, I wore shorts or a short pleated skirt, so that sometimes the boys could see my panties. Outside of school I tied my shirt in front, so the boys could see my bare belly.

Sometimes I wear now very short miniskirt with black garterbelt and dark nylon stockings.
I love it how boys love to see my bare thigh at the stocking tops.

It is also an exciting to wear nylon pantyhose without panties under an extremely short skirt.

I started wearing black pantyhose and normal miniskirts. It gave me the feeling of being very naughty because I was nearly naked under my skirt. But very few boys have noticed it.

That´s why I wear skin-colored tights which were covered by a translucent white skirt.

That was a great effect because the boys almost had the impression that I was naked.

They could even imagine my dark pubic hair, and they got a good impression of my naked bottom, even if they could not see anything really!.

I always liked to teased the boys with my charms, but I am a good and decent girl. That´s why I never let aboy touch me.

My father should never know how I tease the boys, but I enjoy doing it and that I get all the attention of the boys.
carolinestevens carolinestevens 18-21, F 44 Responses Aug 26, 2011

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I've read your stories so I know if your father found out you were a tease you would get caned. If you had no panties on it would save him taking them down, cos your bottom would already be bare

You are obviosly being properly naughty! Suspender Belt= English and European Term
Garter Belt=American! Golden Mile= Area of bare flesh at the top of the stocking and used to be called No Mans Land!
Me= Ahhhhhhhh! Ahem! Look Im only the Researcher here!X

You got my attention for sure... hehe<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

Yes, dressing sexy requires a lot of care, and a strategy

I know why you are in need to get caned regularly.

I love itn when you tease us... don't stop...<br />
<br />
Also a little touch won't hurt... lol<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

Caroline, clearly those commenting just do not understand the thrill you get from living on the edge. Your stepfather is not your father, so when he touches you, or spank you or humiliates you it is just another male having fun with your body. You did not say how old you were when he came into your family, but clearly you were not a baby. You enjoy manipulating him into forcing things with you. You are wise to keep it in the safety zone and not satisfy his sexual desires. At the same time you have this feeling that you were made to give boys pleasure, and you feel so good when you know you have captivated a boy or a man. The real fun is going to come when you get married and discover that you cannot stop entertaining other men. My wish for you is that you find a tolerant husband. Him him. I find it surprising that so few people understand the pleasure you get from being "punished". You especially like it to be known that your stepfather bares your bottom and gives you powerful feelings on your inner thighs. Most women actually enjoy almost anything a man does to her bottom. I seriously doubt there is anyone reading this who has received a spanking on her bottom and not gotten wet. Most cannot admit they enjoy it that much.<br />
<br />
The female body in the female mind are incredibly complex and delightful. You could no more stop yourself from showing off for boys then you can stop yourself from breathing. I then you feel as if girls who don't do such things missed out on a lot.<br />
<br />
Sometimes I wonder if fathers and stepfathers are so strict because they want their girls to rebel and become mischievous. If someone told him they saw you, without panties. He would become aroused.

How would you feel if she got raped.

very sexy

You're right, seeing the bare top of the thighs over the leg covered in stockings in very sexy to me. Especially when you have that schoolgirl-short-skirt thing going on.

You're right, seeing the bare top of the thighs over the leg covered in stockings in very sexy to me. Especially when you have that schoolgirl-short-skirt thing going on.

Tell the truth and get Punished Severly.I FOR INSTANCE WOULD PUNISH YOU HARD AND .S.E.V.E.R.E.!WITH A R.A.T.T.A.N.!MISSY!

I still love to tease the boys with my charms. <br />
<br />
If my father would not be so strict with me, I would perhaps go further.<br />
<br />
It's already a thrill, that I have to expect a caning on my bare for my effrontery.

i bet you had boy's around you all the time, and you said it yourself, you enjoyed it. Do you still do it tho?

Your a good little girl

I am 13 now and I try wear very short mini skirts or tight leggings withot panties too. and I feel so good and sexy. I love when boys put up my skirt and toching my pusy. Now I wear that every day all the time and I like it.

Wow!! Super hot!!!

I am 13 years old and I try too wear very short mini skirts or tight leggings without panties. And I show it all time and feel soo good and sexy and dirty. I love when boys put up my skirts and toching me there. now I wear it every day all the time.

I am 13 years old and I try too wear very short mini skirts or tight leggings without panties. And I show it all time and feel soo good and sexy and dirty. I love when boys put up my skirts and toching me there. now I wear it every day all the time.

Well it is really naughty and cool to wear pantyhose and a short mini skirt wihtout panties, once i wore a mini skirt without panties to school and i tryed to flash my fanny to people as many times as possible. once a boy i fancied he noticed and he came up to me and said. " wanna *** to my place after school my parents wont be around " and i was like " yes please ! " so we went back to his we started kissing and he striped my top off and started wanking when he realised i was not wearing any panties or bra and licked my massive boobs. i kissed his bum hole and we did the 69 position when my bum was in his face and i was sucking his knob. he cumed in my bum hole after which was feeling brilliant. so we had oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex aslo i wore a strap on ***** and enterd it into his bum hole. he pooed all over my ***** and i licked the poo off it. he and i where a mess after and guess what. this story happend when i was 16 and we are both 18 and still together and we do the same thing every night. also we tried some new positions while he **** in my butt hole and licks the poo out of it. dont think this is digustiing cos its just normal human life. since then i wear no panties and ********** and have sex 18 times a day with a diffrent person.

I love good girls being sexy...;-)

I bet you will be a fun and provocative wife. If you get the right sort of masterful husband he will know just when to "cane" you and when to "bone" you and when to assign that job to others. I suspect you have been a provocatuer since your mom told you about closing your legs so boys wouldn't see your panties. Your creative solution to not letting boys see your panties was to stop wearing them. I like that. It would be fun to be your step dad or your husband.

pantyhose are so sexy.

Yes, I imagine all the boys would like it! What mortal boy can resist the chance of possibly seeing up a girl's skirt? No boy can resist. We are like the buzzing of flies flying around a sweet honeypot.

Men's desires ... sometimes they come true!

Pantyhose (panty - hose) are made to be worn without panties. Now I know that a lot of women do wear panties under them but that is not the way it is supposed to be. There are a number of women (usually younger) that wear thigh hi stockings and no panties under a skirt, sometimes for comfort and other times as a tease.

Sometimes it feels like being beaten up.<br />
<br />
But I get just beaten on my bottom and sometimes on my upper thighs .

I am often provocative, cheeky and disobedient too, but I am not feeling guilty for.<br />
<br />
It is ok for you, if a beating takes away the feeling of being guilty and you will thereby free.

Despite the occasional beatings I am often provocative, cheeky and disobedient. I think I´ll need a guideline even with 19.<br />
<br />
The knowledge of that the cane threatens keeps me away from unseemly behavior.<br />
<br />
If I was beaten, I feel better because it was atoned for my wrongdoing.

Do you think that it is necessary for you that you get a caning if you're already 19?<br />
<br />
Are you feeling better, if you've been beaten up?