"Moolit Tours".. Two Thumbs Up!

  Bravo my friend...

My Ep favorite author has written his second book, and it is wonderful, smart, witty, full of erotic scenes, one in particular that had me thinking, " Now this could be fun"... yes I'm available, Extenze.... sorry got side tracked.. "Moonlit Tours" takes you to a place where few go. a must read...El's first book, "invisible driving" was a book that was a hard read, the gritty truth about life with Bi Polar disorder, He spared no detail in the roller coaster ride of the ups with mania and downs of depression. The lose of relationships and livelihood. El proved that his disorder didn't define him, his determination and inner strength got and gets him through. After reading his book I gained such admiration and respect for this man who is an inspiration to anyone with a disability. El, I am so proud to call you my friend. I will look forward to your next... "More Please"....

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Brilliant story