Facing The Truth & Talking About It

Born with Cerebral Palsy, (2) Molested by Godparents son at age 6. (3) Molested by step grandfather's grandson,age7. (4) Air Condition fell out of a 6floor window weighing  600 lbs. Hit hit my leg, lost 40% of my muscle amputated on my leg. Fell into coma for about a week. Went from bed, wheelchair, crutches . I practiced so hard & learned how to walk all over against all odds.(5) Husband killed in a Plane Crash. (6) Man came into my apartment while I was sleep & raped me. (7)Fought Cancer & WON. Died twice (Code Blue Called Twice In One Day) Thanks to my Mom being there.(8) In an abusive marriage, got out BUT not before we got into a terrible accident. A.Operation on spine, B- Operation on shoulder. Went from bed to wheelchair to cane back to HI Heels. (smile) Now Latest (9) Attorney embezzled lots of money from trust leaving me flat broke. There is no better school than adversity. Every defeat, every loss contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve my performance. Never again will I contribute to my downfall by refusing to face the truth and learn from past mistakes. Experience is the most valuable extract of suffering and yet one of the terrible conditions of this life is that its wisdom cannot be  transferred to  another. All must attend their own school for each the lessons are different. There is no other way. Adversity is always the first path to truth.BUT you are prepared to learn whatever you need to know in order to improve the condition of your life. Always seek the seed of triumph in every adversity. By the way, I am 64 and look 50. Peace!
kateyesuc kateyesuc
61-65, F
Dec 1, 2011