I Give Great "foot"

Have always wondered...if you're great at ******** people say you give great "head"

Using that logic...if you're exceptional at great foot massages...do you say I give great "foot"?

Well lets start a trend I say...All who give great "Foot" can I get an amen...

Cos I give exceptional "Foot"

I find some like oils applied, some prefer talcum powder, others like a little scented soap and water...some even like it dry skin on skin and gentle...

I say the world's problems would all be solved if everyone just sat down for an hour a day and gave each other great "Foot"

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4 Responses Nov 1, 2010

ha ha ha - I knew there'd be one who'd point out that...good point of difference pamperurft<br />
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Yes they are SunshineofYourLove

Wonderful Emerald, GLB and Girlwhimsical<br />
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know that I am sending you virtual foot massages right now...firmly - lest you all suffer the 'tickle'

I fell in love with my first true love after he gave me a foot massage. I was camping on a small island at a rainbow gathering in 1986. I had taken LSD and was tripping happily naked all over the island all night. At some point I ended up a campfire with incredibly muddy dirty feet. THis man tenderly massaged my feet anyway--and as he did that--I felt myself falling in love.....<br />
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I have always given lovers foot massages ever since! So a great big AMEN from me!

A M E N!!! I could use a good foot job! Um... Both footsies please! :D