Massaging My Freinds Cute Feet

The other day my friend came down to my house. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a pair of flat shoes that she had on barefoot. Anyway she came in and she said that she wanted to leave her shoes on because her feet were a bit hot and a bit sweaty so I just agreed. Any way, We went into the living room and sat on the sofa and started watching tv. She sat one end and I sat the other. She couldnt get comfortable so I said that she could put her legs out and rest her feet on my lap if she wanted to.

She stretched out her legs and rested her feet on my lap with her flats on still. We sat there and every now and then she would wiggle her toes in her shoes and make them sorta move away from her feet. I could tell she was uncomfortable in her shoes because that is what I do when my feet start feeling a bit sorta cramped in my shoes. I then held one of her shoes and gently slid it off her bare foot. She looked at me and asked me why I took her shoe off and I said "I thought your feet were getting uncomfortable, Isn't that why you keep wiggling your toes?" She looked at me and just sorta agread and I asked if she wanted me to take her other shoe off and she said yes. She sorta wiggled her feet around on my lap which rubbed me a bit because her heel was on my private area. Anyway we carried on watching tv and she sat there just gently stroking her feet against each other and wiggling her toes. I didn't see much of the tv show I was watching I was too busy looking at her cute feet all the time.

Then suddenly something came over me and I just couldn't resist. I put my hands onto her soft feet and just gently started to stroke them. It felt so good just gently stroking her soft cute feet and she just lay there and leaned her head back on the arm rest of the sofa. I started to properly massage her feet like rubbing her soft soles quite hard and she just lay there. I then took hold of her other bare foot which I started massaging. She used her other foot to gently rub against my ***** as a sort of "thank you for massaging my feet" sort of gesture. I started to get really quite moist down there when she was doing this and because I was wearing a skirt and panties her soft heel acctually started to get a bit moist as well. She gently said "your getting a bit warm and wet aren't you?" and I just replied by lifting her other foot up and just kissing the soft arch of her cute foot. She responded to this by lifting her other foot up and tilting her foot forwards so that her toes were rubbing against my crotch.

What a feeling this was. I got her pretty little toes all wet and warm. She lifterd her wet foot up and put it just in front of my mouth and I could see her toes glistening with my liquid. She just gently slid her toes over my lips and I just accepted them into my mouth. I have never tasked my own moistness before but I wasn't put off at all because I knew if I let her toes into my mouth I would be doing what I wanted to do all along since she first put her feet on my lap :) I just gently massaged her left foot with both my hands and gently sucked her toes and licked her soft soles on her right foot :) After about 10 minutes of me gently licking her soft right foot I guided her other foot to my crotch again. This time with the intention of making her rub my **** without the panties in the way. I slid her toes under my panties from the side and just slowly started to tilt my hips backwards and forwards which meant my ***** was sliding up and down her soft toes. I could tell she was loving this because she had her hand down the front of her jeans and panties and was rubbing her self slowly with her fingers.

She noticed that I was watching her and pulled her hand out of her jeans and just began to lick and suck her soft moist fingers. I had a sudden rush when I saw her doing this and my ***** suddenly spurted all over her soft foot that was rubbing against it. I quickly pulled her foot away and then just started licking and sucking her beautiful soles and toes :P At this point she had already got her other foot onto my ***** and was rubbing quite fast and hard and her sexy bare foot was getting soaked with my warm liquid. I put my whole mouth around all of her toes and sucked and licked her soft sole and she just lay there rubbing me and her self at the same time :) Anyway I climaxed after about 1 minute of this amazing time and squirted all over her soft foot again :) she just loved it. I then laid back on the sofa grabbed both of her soft feet licked them all over and then took my t-shirt off and started rubbing them all over my perky boobs. She pulled down her jeans to reveal a pair of very moist panties and I just quickly pulled my uggs off my feet and started rubbing my soft bare feet all over her crotch while rubbing her feet on my boobs. My nipples got so hard because her pretty little feet were quite cool compared to my boobs and they started tickling her feet. I then slid my toes under her panties and rubbed her hard and fast. Within about 20 seconds she totally screamed with pleasure and squirted all over my soft feet. I totally loved it and quickly lifted on of my feet to my mouth and began to lick.

I lifted my other foot up to her mouth and she began licking all over and sucking my soft little toes. In the end we both just ended up snuggling with each other on the sofa gently rubbing our soft feet together and rubbing each others *****'s and snogging at the same time :) that was the best 2 hours of my life ever. It was absolutely amazing and to be honest to any lesbians out there like me if you know someone that would be willing to do this just go for it. It was the best feeling and to be honest we have never been closer to one another. We have made it a weekly thing now where we both do situations now which involve wearing shoes that make our feet a bit sweaty and then both making each others feet feel much better. :P I like wearing ankle boots without any socks and getting my soft little feet a bit moist and she likes wearing a pair of soft sneakers and going for a quick jog before we do this :P It is just so fun :)

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Wow very sexy. I love this story

Very nice! Got me a bit excited to be honest...

Phew! That was a really hot story. If you need a father figure to join the two of you, please count me in.

Awesome Story!!!!

I've given up

I'm never going to find anyone

I Still don't think so

I wish I had someone :( I e never been in a realationship and I don't have any friends :(

I doubt it :(

Wow! That really is an amazing time! Super Sexy Story! I got me really excited!

What I would give to see that happen! Story got me crazy hot!!!

is one of the best and sexiest stories i ever read! i love feet a lot and i wish i can have a girlfriend that make her feet sweaty and smelly before we get together. just keep doing that because is the best feeling ever. very nice, beautiful.

add me if its ok?plz and thx!

wow,thats epic!,toe on camel toe play!<br />
foot **** FTW!!!!!