Massaging My Aunts Feet

There are things so close yet so far. I always have feeling for my aunt's foot. But never plucked that courage to tell her. My desire would have been a desire only if not my aunt herself made it so easy for me. I was grown timid and hiding my love for her foot since childhood and yet managing to steal a view of her foot in some or the other pretext like deliberately helping her with her sandals, and as a gesture of genuflection sometimes. My thrill got real height when on that very evening when I discovered that she is so tired ,after returning from a picnic, that she had summoned her maid to massage her feet. I said, “Aunt you seems to be very tired and the maid is not massaging your feet properly. Can I replace her for a while. I dont know from where I have plucked that courage to ask without caring for the answer. But to my surprise and fortune she replied “Of course, I know she is not doing it properly and wish if you could take over from her now onwards". I kept massaging until she fell asleep and now it’s so common affair that I need not to ask her before dislodging her resting foot from the foot stool on my lap and start rubbing it. I thought why not I have asked for that before. I was foolish to have hid that for so long.
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Judging by your story you must come from a really rich family. But that aside, how did you get it where you were with her? You see, my aunt doesn't live with us but I always would try to get glimpses of her feet and it would be like heaven to get to massage them one day. I don't know what your aunt looks like, but my aunt isn't fat and old if you know what I mean. The best sensation I ever got from her was when she let out a really long natural burp when we were visiting her once. The reason I bring that up is because not only do I have a foot fetish but a burping fetish as well. Please note that I do not wanna sound gross, I am not attracted to my aunt nor do I have feelings for her, but when I'm around her and she puts her feet up or burps then I can't help but feel the urge to massage her feet and keep hearing her burp. Of course she's married, so lets say by some miracle I did get to massage her feet, could you imagine the reaction her husband would give? Anyways, I hope you follow up on my post so we can talk about this more. Its cool talking to other people who hold similar fetishes.