Love Of My Life, Moves

My boyfriend Mark, He is the love of my, i recently found out over the summer, there is a great possibility for him to move to Colorado. Ill lose him and i am not sure what to do without him. I NEED HELP
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1 Response Feb 28, 2012

You need to finish your school years... <br />
Do you know what puppy love is? Yeah, I use to deny it to until some years past and I realized how true it was. <br />
If the love between you two is real, you will be there for each other when you graduate, then you can move and go to the same college together or something.<br />
If the love is puppy love, it will dissipate with in a few months of being apart, even with communication.<br />
<br />
Take it easy and don't be sad, don't try to be a full blown adult so fast, just enjoy the time you have now and think for the future.<br />
I like guys to, I found "true loves" when I was that age to ya know, it was not till later, I found my actual true love.