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I started dating this new man. Hes wonderful, until I found out what he does. We started dating 2 months ago, we do what dating people do, we go out have a nice time and we do that at home minus the sex. I go on Facebook, MySpace and other websites to see that hes a ******* loser. I see that he has girls that he is "friends" that he doesnt even know. I see that he has made home ****** and posted them. Before I was with him. I questioned him about it many times. And 2 days ago, I pressed him and he told me that he was sleeping with girls. Well to me they are Orca whales. I educate him in our talk about disease. He doesnt have health coverage and ask him if he really wants to die? I also tell him that he doesnt respect himself, me or our relationship. The whole day he didnt talk to me and to this minute. I text him all day and call him. He didnt even want me to touch him and he didnt want to touch me. When I tried to get some nookie from him a number of times he pushed me away. When he tried to get it from me, I told him he knows what he has to do to make it right between us. You dont understand how much I want him. He knows right from wrong. He tells me if I dont like what he does to leave, I refuse to leave. I ask him if he wants me to leave, he doesnt answer. His thing is because he was married (now divorced) for so many years, this is how he wants to live. Independence will cost him his life. He is 38 years old. He needs to man up and be aware. I know I should leave. He even told me in the beginning of our relationship that he was bad. I left him alone for good. He called me and asked him to go the movies a week later.
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I cannot get my mind off of him. Can anyone give me a prediction?

yougettested too if you have made love with him you want nothing that keeps on giving

i didnt make love to him. i had sex with him. there is a difference between the two.

He knows how to reach me, if he wants to talk. He came back once, he'll come back a second time. But im not having sex with him until he knows what he wants and until he gets tested. And for the sake of the relationship I will get tested to. Because of his own selfishness and stupidity, he lost someone that could of been good for him. Dont get me wrong I still want him. But he has to change for the better. And I still keep crying!

You don't want him the way he is, and he's clearly not going to change for you.<br />
Throw this one back.

dump him and walk away :)