How Absurd.

I am very self-destructive in my taste in men and I don't make a good girlfriend at all. But for whatever reason, I have the uncanny ability of seeing through other people's bullshit and explaining how they can either salvage or develop their own relationships:  romantic, friends, professionally, family... I guess I just see how I, myself, screw things up all the time and can easily steer others from the same mistakes. I could've done without a large number of my own experiences and life lessons but atleast something good comes of it all if I can help a friend through a tricky and frustrating or confusing time.

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Have you expressed your concerns to him?

i have a question for ya. shouldnt the first month of your relationship be totally amazing? my man just went downn but he has no job and not many friends right now i kno hes kinda depressed and he very laid back but i wish he would put more effort into the relationship i dont kno what to do should i just let hm go? im not sure if its me thats doing something wrong i dont kno??? if you have any advice i would appreciate it you can read some of my stoires so you can get the picture im so stressed over this and i kno i shouldnt be ahhh help