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But, Who Listens?

 I've made all the mistakes you can and learned from them. It's easy to tell someone what they might try to fix things but doing them yourself is much harder.  Advice is cheap.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 8 Responses Feb 27, 2009

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Thank you ladee for all your nice words. I wil lcontinue to be me, as much and as often as I let myself. Inside, hiding sometimes, is the real me, the caring empath you mention. Sometimes I care too much and shrink from being known in fear that they won't like what they see in the shadows of my life. But, it is also me, so they have to acdept or reject the whole enchilada!

I appreciate what you've said, ladee54. Sometimes I feel like the DEX commercial, speqing out information, way more that the person wanted to know. They just wanted directions somewhere and I gave them a histtory class on the area they were in. Gotta learn to tone it down...or just write it down and people can delete if they want. I'll never feel the pain of the delete button as much as the wild stares as they run away!

Ah, if all of us would do that a bit maybe the world would be sane instead of how it is.

You have a lovely heart to want to share to save another's pain

Seeker, you are absolutely right. I have to curb my tongue (keyboard?) and just present options and let people do what they will. Hard for me to remember but that doesn't make it a wrong idea. Thanks for reminding me.

In giving advice one shouldn't "tell" another what they might do to fix a problem. One should guide that person in a manner as to help them discover the most fitting path to take.

How well I know. My problems creep up on me demanding attention from time to time.

At least you have learned from your mistakes. Many of us repeat them.<br />
<br />
Much easier to advise others than work out our own probs. We can be ob<x>jective about other's probs, not so with our own.