New Member .... I'm Giving It All But Not Receiving It Back?

Hi guys,

Slight problem won't get into detail, but try to make it simple basically I give it all in my relationship from love, Trust, comfort and money, When I say money I mean I work full time and wanna make a living for us. We both live together with my mother in law nothing bad just need to get my own place I'm 23 she is 20 she won't even try looking for work never worked before, I know the simple answers as help her out, talk to her about it or just grow a set and leave but it's not thar simple anymore 1 I love her so much I can't leave her and 2 I have been trying to help for 3 years now does anyone know what to do?
Pleasehelp88 Pleasehelp88
May 24, 2012