Though Sometimes I Lapse... And Can Tell In My Life, That I Have Lapsed

I gave myself affirmations that I have a super-great guy in my life, being loving + supportive, and, really, in pretty short order ( a few months) there he was. Has / is it all sugar + honey, no, but all the things on my affirmation list did show up with him.  Good thing is, you can keep editing that ffirmation list, of course.

I keep meaning to get to creating a new list/s for friends too, and job things. Hurry up already (note to self)!  :)

Anyway in my experience, doing this -actually- brings results and good things to your life. So, I am all for it, as goofball is it "seems."  It works.

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One thing I learn about affirmations, is that there is no magic in them. It is work, It puts the mind at work looking for the posibilities that are out there. So yeah, resting on laurels (or haunches) tends to put the mind on attention for what has happened. Looking for open doors and walking into them only means that there are more openings to follow.<br />
So sorry about the break -- my last break lasted forever, and it really was what I was looking for before the break; then the break was also what I was looking for; keep an open mind, and keep looking forward, just a bit, so as not to be looking backward or staying in the celebration too long. It is best, as they say to stay in the moment, right now I find that easiest to do by staying away from the past and trying to draw my dreams into my present. It's difficult, yet, so easy.<br />
I look forward to that ticket anyway, thanks!

Thanks RavelDelcor. I -love- your image, those birds!! :)<br />
<br />
Yeah, there's been a break announced (I left that part out), but I kinda attribute it, as ridiculous as this may sound?, to my -not- keeping up my own reading of that affirmation list and story!!<br />
<br />
Hence my thoughts that my lapse might well have been a part of this "break" we are taking, which is making me sad. <br />
<br />
I need to keep on reading that list. I rested on my laurels for too long, maybe? And expand my list to friends + a great job, etc, too. <br />
<br />
When i write the story, after continuing my affirmations, I'll send you a ticket. :)

It changes one's interior space, unclutters the mind from expecting bad things to happen, or the opposite of what we need. Affirming that it is here, brings it closer. People who do not believe it won't until they affirm that it is possible; because they are affirming that it does not work. A lottery cannot be won without the purchase of a ticket!<br />
Thanks for sharing a wonderful story -- I do hope that he found you the same way you found him by really wanting only you and then you showed up. (write the screen play, I'll take a date ...)